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In line with the Park District’s Comprehensive Community Action Park Plan adopted in March 2014, the Commissioners and Staff of the District are excited to implement a plan for the re-development of White Oaks Park. Beginning in the summer of 2016, the Park District solicited community feedback for the park’s improvement after contracting professional services from a land planning and architecture firm (Altamanu). Opportunities for providing input included focus groups and multiple community meetings. Resident feedback, combined with a wetland delineation study, a tree inventory, a condition assessment of the cabin, and an environmental study of the structure drove the formation of the plan that included both passive and active recreation amenities.

The White Oaks Park Concept Plan was adopted by the Wood Dale Park District Board of Commissioners in February of 2017, and was then presented for approval to the City of Wood Dale Community Development Commission at a public hearing. Community feedback lead to modifications of the plan, specifically the elimination of two features: an aerial challenge course and a Montrose Street park connection trail. With these changes, community support was achieved, and the plan was approved by the City Council on June 7, 2018. The project will be completed in three phases. Click here to view the site plan.

The first phase includes: the removal of the cabin, a class room, and an adjacent shed, followed by the re-development of the parking area and the construction of a new 2,350 square foot activity building. Click here to view a rendering of the proposed building. Click here to view the proposed floor plan. Also included is the creation of a meadow and the addition of a walking path, as well as new landscaping.

The second phase includes: making improvements to the wetlands and the creation of a boardwalk trail to enhance the visitors’ experience.

The final phase includes a dog-friendly area, a children’s play area, a reflections gazebo, a scout meeting area, improvements to the existing trails, a spartan course, and the addition of environmental art to the park. Completion of each phase is dependent upon funding. The Park District has secured the necessary capital to complete phase #1, and possibly phase #2, in the next few years. Alternative funding sources are being pursued, including a state grant funded through the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. Private funding and sponsorship opportunities will also be available.

The passive and active features of the site will appeal to multiple age groups, while enhancing leisure opportunities in the community and improving property values and the natural environment of the neighborhood. Community input is the cornerstone of this project and will be accepted by the Wood Dale Park District Executive Director at

Salt Creek Golf Club is Now Open!

Lunch hours will be Monday through Friday between 11am-2pm. 
View the menu here

50 Years.. A Look Back...

A Brand New Central Park is Now Open!

Central Park is located at the corner of Elmhurst Street and Central Avenue in Wood Dale.
Please view directions here:

The new Central Park features an array of amenities including:

- New Interactive Playground
- Walking Pathways
- Basketball Court
- Picnic Shelter
- Game Court Area
- Landscaping (Trees & Rain Gardens)
- Regraded Playfield
- Benches    

Click here to view an architectural rendering of the new park. 

Park District Annual Highlights
Click here to view the 2017 Park District Annual Highlights

Master Plan

The Master Plan is now available to download and view.  Click here to be directed to the page.

Salt Creek Golf Course NGF Study

Click here to download the study