Park District Staff

To contact the park district staff, please e-mail  or contact through email next to staff's name or through our contact form .


Matthew Ellmann, CPRPExecutive
Jan HincapieDirector of Recreation

Mitch Bowlin

Director of Finance and
Gayle HearnAdministrative and Financial
Ray OchromowiczSafety

Recreation Department

Arturo SeguraManager of Recreation
Kristina SromekManager of Recreation
Kelly NagleRecreation Supervisor/Preschool/Extended
Brittany LynamRecreation
Wendy BondiMarketing & Public Relations Manager
Nikki BittnerFitness Coordinator
Daniel LescherFront Desk

Parks Department

Ben ApplerDirector of Parks and
Garrick SchiddelForeman of Parks and
Martin RosalesPark Laborer 
Aurellio RosalesPark Laborer 
George MangenBuilding Maintenance
Bob DeBartoloBuilding Maintenance

Salt Creek Golf Club

Mike HuberDirector of Golf
Aaron Hearn

Green's Superintendent

Food & Beverage Department (Banquets)

Hernesto Barrios

Head Chef