DiBella Dance
A Program of the Wood Dale Park District

September 12 – June 8

The Wood Dale Park District program runs for 3 sessions spanning from Sept. 9 – June 5. The first session is a great way for beginners to learn a certain style of dance. Students have the option in participating in the Holiday Dance Show on December 14th to conclude the session. Students looking to continue learning the style and rehearsing a dance number will also be given a chance to perform at the Dance Concert early June to conclude the class. Students looking to perform in the Dance Concert must take the same class for all 3 sessions. Costumes for the end of the year Concert will be ordered in November. The session lengths are as follows: Session I = 14 Weeks (Sept. 9 – Dec. 20), Session II – 11 Weeks (Jan. 6 – Mar. 16), Session III = 10 Weeks (March 30 – June 8)



Registration for the 2019-2020 Dance year will begin August 5th

The following changes have been made to dance classes for the 2018-2019 season:

The following dance classes have been cancelled:

Leaps & Turns II/III - 44121D

Leaps & Turns I - 44118D

Tap II/III - 44122D

Tiny Tap - 44101D

Jazz I - 44116D

Pre-Jazz - 44109D

The following dance classes have been modified:

Hip Hop II/III will now be from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Adult Barre will now be from 7:30pm - 8:15pm. The rates will also change for Adult Barre because it is now a shorter class. It will be $155 now.



Dancin’ Darlings’: This class is an introductory class and is a combination of tap, ballet and pre-jazz.

Baby Ballet: Little dancers get to express their independence while learning coordination, flexibility and balance.

Tiny Tap: Beginning tap steps, learning rhythm, coordination, basic terminology and choreography.

Hip Hop: In this dynamic upbeat class they will learn hip hop technique & choreography. Dancers develop rhythm, coordination and self-expression.

Leaps & Turns Level I: The focus of the class is more on the technique involving leaps, jumps and turns.

Pre-Jazz: A beginning high-energy class with technique such as leaps and turns.

Acro: This class guides you towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control. It will focus on acrobatic technique such as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels and much more.

Leaps & Turns Level II: The class focuses on technique involving leaps, jumps and turns. These skills are used to assist jazz dancers in making a dance more precise.


Girls should wear a leotard and tights.  Based on their dance class, participants should wear pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes or black jazz shoes.  Boys are expected to wear a t-shirt and pants/shorts.  It is recommended parents confirm the class is running before purchasing dance shoes.


The program will run from the week of September 9th to the beginning of June for those interested in performing in the year-end concert, exact dates will be specified at a later date


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